Sunday, May 1, 2011


As promised here is the new Top 10 list

    For those who like to travel, like myself, this is a great site for seeing Stockholm on a budget

    very heartfelt blog from the mother of 5 kids, one of them with Autism, and the ups and downs of life

    For those who love games, comics, movies and more this is a must see

    A look into events, lifestyle, and restaurants around Herzlyia, Israel.

    For those who like a little culture in their life. This site is the words from, in my opinion, a talented 

    A look into to life and expieriences in Norway

    A look into the mind of an engineering student from India. A well made site covering a variety of

    A blog about being the middle child and life expierences

    A blog for all you women dealing with fashion, cafes, galleries and more

     A blog dealing with the life and adventures of a couple traveling in an RV

CONGRATS TO THIS LISTS # 1 -  Stockholm Budget Accommodation

If you didnt make this Top 10 list dont be discouraged because there will be more to come. I really would like to see many new blogs to pick and choose from and dont forget if you see one you like feel free to comment about them so they continue to make the Top 10.

Also I will soon make a list of all blogs that have been recieved since the first day of this ones creation just to let everyone who views this see everyone's blogs who have been involved in this site all in one place. This will be after at least the Top 10 has a few days of exposure first


    ADD * YOUR * BLOGS * HERE * TO * BE * PART * OF * THE * NEXT * TOP * 10