Monday, June 6, 2011

Still needing more blog addresses

Waiting to recieve more addresses so I can make a new Top 10 list. I need at least 7 more and a new list will be made. Please help me spread the word and I'll do my best to get more involvement this week as well.


  1. I noticed that you were a student too, well I have a scholarship blog at: I usually blog about scholarships but I sometimes also blog about how students can save money.

    One way that is starting to work for me for traffic, is helping out television, newspaper, and magazine writers (the online version of the publications/ stations) when they ask viewers/readers for their advice/input. I told the online version of our channel 7 news about deals for Fathers' Day and she printed a link. (They did this for my Mother's day deals as well.) Another way is to guest blog. I am going to try to do that for problogger (if you follow their guidelines, they accept many guest blogger submissions; and they get tons of traffic.) Also, I am noticing that you have no button for people to retweet or mention your blog on Facebook. You have such a good blog. You would definitely get people to share your site on social bookmarking sites. (All of the people that you promote would have an extra incentive to share your site on the social networking sites.) Money Making Mom built a Facebook presence, and she now claims that that is her main source of traffic. I checked her Alexa ranking, she gets a lot of traffic.

  2. OOPS. Forgive me for the last part of my comment. I was looking at your comment page and not the home page when I thought you didn't have buttons. Okay, then here is what some people do to get more people to follow them: hold a contest. I did that once and I got so many responses on my other blog. It didn't cost me anything; I just gave away credits to a traffic exchange. If you hold a contest for people to follow you on the social bookmarking sites, then you could get the word out about your blog really quickly.